Tools and resources to assist health care providers with routinely identifying, documenting and communicating frailty in patient care settings.

General Frailty Information

General frailty information pamphlets and a poster support patients and families with understanding what frailty is, why frailty is important and what different stages of frailty look like:

An information sheet on the importance of social connections is also available:

Frailty Level Specific Information

Explaining Frailty

The Marble Jar Analogy below can help you to introduce the concept of frailty to patients and families.

The Marble Jar 

We all encounter health issues and stresses throughout our lives.  When you are born you have lots of ability to bounce back from these health issues or stressors.  Picture this ability to bounce back to be like an empty jar.  As you go through life, each issue you experience is like putting a marble in this jar. At some point, the jar is full and there is no room left for more health issues.

Frailty is like the jar that accumulates marbles. As it fills up with marbles (i.e., as we experience more health issues and stressors), this has a growing effect on our day-to-day life. However, if we start out by eating well, exercising and being connected in our community, we can help ourselves better manage health issues as we age, and perhaps make more space in the jar or slow the rate at which new marbles (i.e., health issues and stressors) are added.