Patient Education Pamphlets updated or created in May 2022

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Writing in plain language matters. In Canada, it’s reported that nine million people have limited literacy skills, with over half of Canadians reading below a high school level. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to offer additional support to patients and families with easy-to-read, straightforward patient pamphlets. For more information about creating or updating patient pamphlets, please visit the Content Creator Toolkit. Please contact pamphlets@nshealth.ca with any questions. You can search for pamphlets by title, keyword, or four-digit pamphlet number in the library catalogue, or view the complete listing of active titles in our Print Code Index.

The following pamphlets were updated or created in May 2022. 

Digestive System 
WI85-2286 NEW Advanced Liver Disease - Changes in Your Quality of Life

Emergency & Public Health 
WA85-0297 Care of Your Urinary Catheter at Home

Endocrine System 
WK85-2287 NEW Preventing and Managing Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) in Adults

French Translations (en français)
FF85-1897 Ablation de l’œil (English: WW85-0582)
FF85-2290 NEW Se préparer au retour à la maison : de l’admission à la sortie (English: WX85-2173)

WT85-2221 Seniors Afternoon Out Program

Gynecology & Reproductive Health
WP85-1928 Hand Expressing Breast Milk Before Your Baby is Born
WP85-2288 NEW After Pregnancy Loss

WP85-2289 NEW Soothers - Cape Breton Regional Hospital

Mental Health & Addictions
WM85-0662 Dynamic (attachment-focused) Relational Therapy (DaRT) Program: Virtual Program [previous title: Mental Health Day Treatment Program: Program Guide]
WM85-2292 NEW Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Inpatients - Valley Regional Hospital

WM85-2293 NEW Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Outpatients - Valley Regional Hospital

Nursing Units
WZ85-0738 Welcome to 9A General Surgery Unit: VG Site [previous title: Welcome to 9A: General Surgery Unit]

WW85-0132 Fluorescein Angiography (FA) (French: 1109) [previous title:Fluorescein Angiography (IVF)]

Oral Health
WU85-0405 After Minor Oral Surgery - VG Site
WU85-1084 Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery) - VG Site
WU85-1085 Facial Fractures - VG Site
WU85-1086 Preprosthetic Jaw Surgery - VG Site

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
WB85-0936 Balance Program - Heel Raises - Both Feet
WB85-0950 Seated Balance Program - Arms Above Head
WB85-0959 Balance Program - Knee Bends
WB85-0960 Balance Program - Heel Raises - 1 Foot
WB85-0966 Balance Program - Sideways Walk - Both Hands
WB85-0968 Balance Program - Tandem Standing
WB85-0969 Balance Program - Steps
WB85-1835 Neck Range of Motion
WB85-2055 Gradient Compression Stockings - Eastern Zone
WB85-0921 Hip Exercises
WB85-2291 NEW Hip Strengthening Exercises


Vinson Li

Librarian Educator, Patient Education Pamphlets Lead
Nova Scotia Hospital, Central Zone

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