Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

Resources and support for members of Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS).

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ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) is a community organization that provides supports and services to immigrants in Nova Scotia.

You must first register with ISANS to get access to their supports and services (including Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK Library access).

Using the Library


E-mail the library at
Contacts, hours, and locations.


Submit a literature search request

 Submit a request to have a librarian carry out a literature search for you.

Librarians carry out searches to assist with:

  • clinical research projects
  • publications
  • developing/updating policies
  • developing/updating patient pamphlets
  • general clinical information
  • and much more!


Halifax Public Libraries comprises 15 branch libraries, a website, and Borrow by Mail and Home Delivery services.

As part of the regional Nova Scotia Provincial Library system, Halifax Public Libraries strongly supports other public libraries, lending more than 6,000 items per year to other libraries, including those in a government or university setting.

Use your Public Library card at universities and community colleges across the province

Use your Halifax Public Libraries card to borrow books from participating universities and colleges including Dalhousie, St. Mary's and Nova Scotia Community College. Borrow Anywhere/Return Anywhere is subject to individual libraries' procedures and policies.

Accessing library resources