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Create Your Own Journal Club

Why Participate in Journal Club?

  • Develop critical appraisal, analytical, evaluative, and reflective skills
  • Stay up-to-date with current literature/evidence
  • Share research with colleagues
  • Translate new information into practice

Tips for Starting a Journal Club 

  • Try to keep your club to under 6 participants. This will allow everyone to speak, but also ensure there are enough people for discussion if someone can’t make it.
  • Invite colleagues outside of your profession. You’ll get a broader point of view and more discussion if your team is interprofessional.
  • Decide on a meeting schedule that works for all members. Try to find a regular time of the month, and book a few months in advance. If it is important to members they will make time to attend.
  • Alternate moderator/lead from month-to-month. Moderator/lead is responsible for reminding all members and sending the link to the article found on this page.

Get Credit for Your Participation

To get credit for participation in a journal club, you will want to ensure your journal club meets the requirements for accreditation through the Canadian Health Libraries Association/Association des bibliotheques de la sante du Canada.

Recent Articles Discussed by MHLA/ABSM Journal Clubs

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