Online Privacy and Tech Etiquette

Brush up on your tech communication skills and stay up to date on privacy so you can make the most of your smartphone, the Internet and social media.

10 Tips for Maintaining Privacy on the Internet

1.   Ensure that you have antivirus software installed and that it is up to date.

2.   Turn off or block location tracking services.

3.   Don't access personal accounts, such as email or banking, using public wi-fi.

4.   Take advantage of the private search modes offered by various browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge:   InPrivate Browsing
  • Chrome:   Incognito
  • Firefox:   Private Browsing

5.   Try searching for your own name in different browsers to see what information about you is available to others.

6.   Use multiple email addresses for different purposes.

7.   Ensure that your online passwords consist of a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

8.   Don't click on any emails, links or attachments that seem suspicious.

9.   When making online purchases, only provide personal information to reputable vendors.

10.  Disable cookies and clear your browsing history and cache regularly.

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