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Online Wellness Programs

Primary Health Care is offering a number of wellness programs online. These sessions are delivered through Zoom for Healthcare by wellness teams across the province.

See the complete Fall Wellness Schedule:

Wellness Sessions by the Community Health Teams

Wellness Sessions by the Community Health Teams

The Community Health Teams offer a number of wellness sessions on managing risk factors, food, nutrition and weight management, physical activity, mental wellness, and parenting. These sessions are led by health professionals. To learn more, visit:

There are a variety of sessions being offered online, including:

  • Building Better Sleep
  • Introduction to Take Charge of Your Stress
  • Self-compassion 4-Week Program
  • Time management and well-being
  • Free Time and You NEW
  • Key Assertiveness skills 2-Week Program
  • Nutrition fact or fiction: COVID-19
  • Making the most of your food dollar: COVID-19
  • Why am I still hungry?
  • Food and Mood 2-Week program NEW
  • Beyond Weight-Shifting Focus to Health 2-Week Program NEW
  • Sit less, move more
  • Finding an online exercise program
  • Pregnancy and Exercise
  • Mindful Movement NEW
  • Self-compassion for parents
  • My child is anxious – should I worry? 2-Week Program
  • An Introduction to Parenting Your Teenager NEW
  • Screen Time and Your Family NEW
  • And Many More!