Dynamic Health June Round-up: New Workplace Notes + Custom Skills + Custom Skill Case Studies + Cataract Awareness Month + Migraine Awareness Month + PTSD Awareness Day

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Dynamic Health round-up posts keep you informed about implementation and use of Dynamic Health at Nova Scotia Health. They highlight any new priority projects and events, as well as updates to our Workplace Notes and Custom Workplace Skills.

Updates: Reviewed Skills, Workplace Notes and Custom Skills

We receive feedback submissions about Dynamic Health skills on an ongoing basis through the Suggest an Edit form and through partnerships with departments and teams.

Reviewed: New Workplace Note

Reviewed: No Workplace Note

Custom Skills

Archived Custom Skills

Using the PronatorPlus (Melior Motus) for Positioning, Repositioning and/or Lateral Transfer

  • The vendor for the PronatorPlus has made the organization aware that they will no longer be providing service, repair, technical support, replacement parts, nor supply of the PronatorPlus. The product is removed from service/use at Nova Scotia Health.

Custom Skill Case Studies: C&S Swab and Clinical Frailty Scale

What are custom skills?

In addition to adding Workplace Notes at the top of skills, Dynamic Health also has the functionality to create standalone custom skills. You’ll find all our Custom Skills in Dynamic Health by selecting Skills (1) > Your Workplace (2) from the main menu.

When should a custom skill be created?

When a need for procedure/skill support relevant to nursing and/or allied health is identified, a custom skill may be offered if it is determined that:

  • Dynamic Health does not have an existing skill that matches the need (content gap), or,
  • Dynamic Health’s content does not align enough with NS Health practice to support use of existing skill content with a Workplace Note.

Case Studies by Purpose

Two custom skills are highlighted below, including context around why a Custom Skill was selected to meet the local need. If you feel you have a unique clinical practice need that would benefit from a Custom Skill, reach out!

Dynamic Health contains more content than just skills. There is some general guidance regarding lab tests, medication, etc. that may differ from unique, local practices and terminology. The Skin and Wound Care Program identified a need to point users to their local guidance about performing a C&S swab. We created this custom skill to direct users to their recommendations when searching. For example, if you search “C&S” or “Wound Swab” across all Dynamic Health, their custom skill is the top result.

Think Frailty was recently published as a subject guide to support education about, and use of, the CFS for patients 65 and older across Nova Scotia Health. To ensure the CFS and related supports were available through the Dynamic Health Skills menu and when users search, we created a custom skill to connect to the scale through the subject guide. Like the C&S example above, you can search a term like “Frailty”, and Custom Skill is the first result.

Health Promotion in June and Dynamic Health Topics

June 2024 marks promotion of:

In recognition of these health promotion events, we encourage you to engage with the curated list of Dynamic Health content below.

If you spot any Skills below that you feel need a Workplace Note, consider being a reviewer! Fill out our Suggestions for Skills form with your notes and we will get in touch!

Migraine Awareness Month

Cataract Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Day

Dynamic Health Project Team

Gloria Connolly, RN, BScN, NCA, WOCC(c), GNC(c)
Clinical Nurse Educator, (CNE)
Interprofessional Practice & Learning

Leah MacDonald
Professional Practice Leader
Interprofessional Practice & Learning, COVID-19 Response

Katie McLean
Librarian Educator
Interprofessional Practice & Learning, Library Services

Margaret Poitras
Policy Lead
Policy Office

Ann Slaunwhite
Library Technician
Interprofessional Practice & Learning, Library Services

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