Want to learn more?

The Policy Office offers a few in-person sessions of Policy 101 per year. When there are sessions scheduled, we'll post the dates and locations here. Registration is done via LMS.

Sessions on demand

Contact us to request a Skype session of Policy 101. We require at least 10 participants to deliver a class.

Getting meaningful feedback

Stakeholder feedback is an essential part of policy development. Because Nova Scotia Health is such a large organization, and policies apply across a range of sites, facilities, professions, and locations, getting appropriate feedback is more important than ever. Good stakeholder feedback can help you determine the resources needed to implement your policy successfully, including cost, education, equipment, and other things you may not have considered without feedback.

Selecting Stakeholders

Stakeholders should represent urban and rural areas, small and large facilities, all 4 zones, and should include:

  • People directly affected by the policy.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • People whose practice will be impacted by the policy.
  • Anyone with a legitimate interest or concern with the policy's subject area.

Stakeholders can be internal to a department, or external to the organization. Include patients and members of the public as stakeholders when appropriate.

Feedback Process

The Policy Office has developed a survey tool to support the stakeholder feedback process. When you've selected your stakeholder list, contact your Policy Lead to learn how to access the survey. You can use the stock questions we've developed, or edit the survey as needed. This process helps to ensure the feedback is focused on the policy content, rather than on format or wording. When your stakeholders have completed the survey, you'll receive an Excel file with the compiled feedback.

Resources to Support Stakeholder Engagement

Every policy needs to be informed by the best available feedback. Meaningful stakeholder engagement can also help create buy-in for your policy changes early, making implementation easier. Use these resources to help guide your stakeholder feedback process, and talk to us in the Policy Office early and often if you need guidance.