COPD Care and Education NS: Musquodoboit Valley-Eastern Shore

The COPD Care and Education NS Program is currently in its pilot phase in the Musquodoboit Valley-Eastern Shore region of Nova Scotia.

Advance Care Planning

  • What is Advance Care Planning?
    • Advance care planning, or personal care planning, is the process of reflecting on what is important to you to help you plan for your future medical and personal care. It is easier to plan in advance and make decisions about your preferences when you are at home and feeling well, rather than in the middle of a medical crisis.
  • How can Advance Care Planning (ACP) help? ACP can help you:
    • learn about the choices that are available for your health care.
    • keep your independence and make your own decisions.
    • get your affairs in order and save money.
    • give your family the gift of peace of mind and save them stress.
  • Is ACP right for me? ACP may be right for you if you:
    • have strong feelings about what a good quality of life is.
    • want to learn about the risks and benefits of life-saving and life-prolonging (making longer) COPD treatments.
    • have strong opinions about what will happen to you in a health crisis.
  • What services does The INSPIRED COPD Outreach Programâ„¢ offer?
    • Meet with an advance care planning specialist. They can give you information and help you explore your thoughts and preferences.
    • Choose a health care Delegate to make decisions for you if you cannot talk for yourself.
    • Write a Personal Directive (PD) and make it legal.
    • Learn where to keep copies of your PD, so it is there when you need it.
  • What are the benefits?
    • Think about what is most important to you in life and how to make sure your wishes are followed.
    • Create a free, legal PD
    • Create a clear, personal communication plan for your loved one(s) and health care providers.
    • Give your loved one(s) a clear understanding of your choices and how they can support you if you cannot talk for yourself.

Advance Care Planning Resources

Personal Directive Resources