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((((transgender*[tw] OR "non binary"[tiab] OR nonbinary[tiab] OR "trans female"[tiab] OR "trans male"[tiab] OR transman[tiab] OR transmen[tiab] OR "trans men"[tiab] OR "trans people"[tiab] OR "trans woman"[tiab] OR transwoman[tiab] OR transwomen[tiab] OR transpeople[tiab] OR gender dysphori*[tw] OR gender transition*[tw] OR homosexuality[MeSH Terms] OR homosexual*[tw] OR gay[tiab] OR gays[tiab] OR GLB*[tw] OR LGB*[tw] OR "sexual minority"[tw] OR "sexual minorities"[tw] OR lesbian*[tw] OR bisexuality[MeSH Terms] OR bisexual*[tw] OR transsexualism[MeSH Terms] OR transsexualism[tw] OR transgender*[tw] OR transsexual[tw] OR transsexuals[tw] OR transsexuality[tiab] OR sex reassignment[tw] OR msm[tiab] OR queer[tw] OR "sexual orientation"[tw] OR "sexual and gender minorities"[tiab] OR "same gender loving"[tiab] OR "same sex attracted"[tiab] OR "same sex couple"[tiab] OR "same sex couples"[tiab] OR "men who have sex with men"[tiab] OR WSW[tiab] OR "women loving women"[tiab] OR "women who have sex with women"[tiab] OR lesbianism[tiab] OR two-spirit*[tiab] OR gender minorit*[tw] OR gender varian*[tw] OR gender identit*[tw] OR genderqueer[tw] OR intersex*[tw] OR "Health Services for Transgender Persons"[Mesh] OR "Transgender Persons"[Mesh])))) NOT ((("laparoscopic gastric bypass"[tiab] OR gay[au] OR "markov state model"[All Fields] OR "multiple source method"[tiab]))) AND systematic[sb]




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