Patient Education

A guide for finding easy to understand and trustworthy health information.

Patient Pamphlets

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VirtualCareNS provides free, temporary access to primary health care for people on the Need a Family Practice Registry. Through VirtualCareNS, people on the registry can make a virtual health appointment. To participate in VirtualCareNS, you need to:

  • Be on the Need a Family Practice Registry
  • Have a valid Nova Scotia health card number
  • Be able to access the web through a computer or mobile device
  • Have an e-mail address
  • Be located within Nova Scotia when accessing VirtualCareNS

Step-by-step guide to VirtualCareNS


My COVID Recovery

  • COVID-19 My COVID Recovery - Information and resources to help Nova Scotians understand and manage their health after having COVID-19.

Find your COVID-19 Vaccination Record

Find local COVID-19 updates

Trusted Places to Look for Health Information

It can be tough to find information you can trust online. Ask yourself these questions to help you decide if you can trust the information:

  • Where is the information is coming from? Who is sponsoring the website? Is it a paid ad?
  • When was the website last updated?
  • Does the website present facts or opinions?
  • Who was the information written for?

Here are some trustworthy places to look for health information. The blue COVID-19 flag COVID-19 means it also has up-to-date information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding Health Information

Sometimes your health care team may use words or terms that you are not familiar with. These websites can help you learn what it is they mean.