Respiratory Protection Program

The Respiratory Protection Program provides elemental components to support respiratory protection.

The Program

Nova Scotia Health aims to control airborne contaminants through accepted engineering and administrative control measures. When effective engineering controls are not feasible or adequate, or while they are being implemented, or are shut down (for maintenance/repair or in case of emergency), appropriate respiratory protection is to be used. The respiratory protection program provides elemental components to support respiratory protection.

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  • NS Health Team Members

This service is internal to Nova Scotia Health and includes Nova Scotia Health employees and medical residents. To find out more about the program, visit the Nova Scotia Health intranet site Occupational Health Safety and Wellness - Respiratory Protection Program. You can get to the booking page from there by clicking on the icon. 

  • First Nations or Home Care Agency/Nursing Homes/Residential Care Facilities Funded by Seniors & LTC

This service is external to Nova Scotia Health. Select this category if you are a health care worker working for a First Nations community or an employee of a long-term care facility, home care agency, residential care facility funded by Seniors and Long Term Care, or Department of Health and Wellness. 



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