Cancer Care Program

Comprehensive information about cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and care for Nova Scotians.

Colorectal Cancer Resources for Patients and Their Families

Nova Scotia Health's Cancer Care Program provides information for patients who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and their families.

  • You can access most of the resources listed below by clicking on the link provided.
  • Paper copies of these resources are available from your doctor, nurse or cancer patient navigator.

We are interested in your feedback about these resources. Send your feedback to to help us improve resources for future patients.


Additional Resources and Useful Websites

Peer Support

The Canadian Cancer Society offers a free, confidential, telephone-based Peer Support program.

This program connects people living with colorectal cancer with a colorectal cancer survivor who is a trained volunteer. The volunteer listens, offers encouragement and shares ideas for coping – all from their unique perspective as someone who’s been there.

Family members can also talk with volunteers who have cared for a person with colorectal cancer.

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