Conflict Competence

Conflict. It’s normal. It’s inevitable. Working through conflict is a skill, learned through knowledge and practice. These courses and resources will assist you in your journey.

Where to start

10 Minute Resources

If you just have a few minutes, find introductory information, including short videos, checklists, tips, tools and articles.

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10–30 Minute Resources

If you have a little more time, find more detailed information, including articles, podcasts, videos and TED Talks.

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In-Depth Resources

If you have a few hours, take a deep dive into the subject, including books, MOOCs, courses, webinars and classes.

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Engaged leaders:

Foster development of others
They support and challenge others to achieve professional and personal goals.
Contribute to the creation of healthy organizations
They create engaging environments where others have meaningful opportunities to contribute and ensure that resources are available to fulfill their expected responsibilities.
Communicate effectively
They listen well and encourage open exchange of information and ideas using appropriate communication media.
Build teams
They facilitate environments of collaboration and cooperation to achieve results.

Learn more about being an engaging leader.