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Patient and Family Stories

When patients and families share their stories, they offer wisdom from which we can learn and improve. The intent of Patient and Family Stories is to be a launching pad for discussion, learning and improvement among teams. We encourage teams to listen to a story and discuss the two questions posed at the end of each clip. Even if the story is from a different area of the organization than the one in which you work, as it often will be, the learning is transferable.

We encourage contributions of audio patient and family stories using the "Submit a Patient & Family Story" button below. To contribute a story, you must have consent from all of the parties involved. All identifiers are removed before sharing stories, to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. If the story reflects a patient concern, it’s important to follow the appropriate processes for addressing that concern before submitting it to Patient and Family Stories.

Please note: The audio clips and transcripts below can only be accessed by people with Nova Scotia Health credentials. If you are accessing this content from a non-networked device, you will be prompted to log in with your Nova Scotia Health credentials. 


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Audio Clips

Video Clips

 Recovery and Integration Services: HOPE

Nova Scotia Health, 2015

 NSHA Home First

Nova Scotia Health, 2020

 Disclosure: When Things Go Wrong

Nova Scotia Health, 2020