Health System Leadership Academy

Guidance and resources for health system leaders interested in health system professional learning and development


Courageous, strategic, and visionary leadership that advances an inclusive and dynamic world-class health system.


Empower health-system leaders with the knowledge, skills and mindset to embrace and drive change. By engaging in a LEADS-based learning program, leaders are supported to establish safe, healthy, and inclusive work environments while advancing a culture of innovation, collaboration, excellence and accountability.


Excellence: Delivering exceptional person-centred care and service through collaborative team-based approaches.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Reconciliation, and Accessibility (EDIRA): Creating a welcoming, safer, and inclusive environment that ensures equitable quality and access for all.

Partnerships and Collaboration: Engaging with partners to promote shared accountability and meet the needs of the population.

Learning and Innovation: Creating a climate of continuous improvement and creativity to effect change.