New Nurse Mentorship Program

Resources to support participants in the the New Nurse Mentorship Program at Nova Scotia Health.

About the Program

New nurse mentorship is a recognized method for encouraging professional development and giving new nurses staying power. Magnet Recognition Programs encourage access to resources that often include nurses in leadership roles, advanced practice, and mentorship to provide adequate guidance when needed. Nova Scotia Health believes it is vital to retain and continue to facilitate the growth of new nurses by enhancing their existing tools and skills, so they continue to be successful.

The New Nurse Mentorship Program aims to create a supportive environment where undergraduate student nurses, newly-licensed registered nurses and practical nurses can process their experiences as they transition to practice. It provides counsel, camaraderie and inclusion.

Objectives of the New Nurse Mentorship Program

  • Guide early-career nurses.
  • Build the capacity of new nurses who are strongly committed to providing nursing excellence and high-quality care.
  • Create a culture of collaboration that sees nurse leadership and mentorship as an effective way to support and retain nurses now and in the future.
  • Provide a safe environment where new graduates can discuss their fears and concerns.
  • Help new graduates adapt to their new environment.
  • Provide new graduates with skills for managing their time while delivering nursing care.

Role as a Mentor (formal or informal)

  • Teach, support and encourage
  • Create a safe space for learning and sharing
  • Be a resource
  • Provide constructive feedback and advice

Virtual Mentorship Responsibilities in Transition to Practice

  • Support the integration of new nurses into the interprofessional health care team
  • Use transition-to-practice documents
  • Act as a resource to help new nurses achieve their goals
  • Model professional nursing practice
  • Provide guidance and feedback
  • Share clinical experiences to help new nurses gain confidence in their roles

Time Commitment Details

  • Schedule meetings around availability
  • Meet virtually or in person, in a space that is mutually agreed upon 
  • Connect in groups or one-to-one
  • Connect as needed

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