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The Nova Scotia Palliative Care Competency Framework

The Nova Scotia Palliative Care Competency Framework outlines shared and discipline-specific competencies for health professionals and volunteers who care for people with life-limiting conditions and their families. It also describes competencies for those who specialize or have a practice focused in palliative care. The competencies are written to emphasize the interprofessional nature of palliative care and they apply to all settings of care.

The Canadian Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Competency Framework

The Canadian Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Competency Framework, developed by Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) in partnership with Health Canada, provides a national discpline-specific framework for palliative care competencies.

Learning Opportunities

Health care providers who are interested in receiving palliative care training can register for courses through:

Webinar (Recordings)

 [Webinar] Integrated Palliative Care

Nova Scotia Health, 2017.

Journal Club

Palliative care teams (and others) may be interested in reading and discussing recent palliative care journal articles, or individuals may be interested in recent literature for their own professional development. An article related to palliative care will be selected and posted here every 3 months. The resources below may be helpful for teams that are considering starting and maintaining a journal club, perhaps as part of their regular team meetings.

Benefits of Participation

  • Stay up to date with current literature/evidence
  • Share research with colleagues
  • Translate new information into practice

Pallium also offers a regular Journal Watch series where recent journal articles and publications are discussed. Health care providers can attend or review earlier sessions using this link:

Critical Appraisal

Using a critical appraisal checklist that matches the type of study you are reading can:

  • Help you to better understand findings
  • Identify any flaws in methodology
  • Determine if findings are applicable to your setting/practice/needs

Several authoritative sources have developed critical appraisal checklists:


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