Education for COVID-19 Testing

This guide contains the mandatory education and other resources required for Regulated Health Care Providers and Unlicensed Health Care Providers to implement COVID-19 swab collection.

The Lucira Check It test is a molecular, rapid point-of-care test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 (the causative agent of COVID-19). It is more sensitive than antigen-based POCTs and preliminary data suggest it has a sensitivity approaching that of lab-based PCR tests. The test can be performed with minimal training and at the point of sample collection. The test also provides a fast turn around time (10-30 minutes) allowing the result to be acted on more quickly than RT-PCR. It is to be used in limited settings as approved by Microbiology at Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health Centre, the Covid Network, and Public Health. A positive result must be confirmed with a new swab for PCR. A negative result cannot be used to definitively rule out infection with SARS-CoV-2.

As per the Lucira Competency Checklist, the following information must be reviewed prior to participating in on-the-job training. If you are familiar and regularly use these care directives, policies, and/or perform these procedures, please quickly review and note their application to COVID-19 specimen collection. If these care directives, policies and procedures are unfamiliar or new to you, please review. Once finished your self-directed review, please put initials, date and signature on the Lucira Point-of-Care Rapid Test Competency Checklist.


  • Point-of-Care Test is to be administered only to patients identified as “Green Zone Patients” as per the Decision and Management Protocol for Surgical Procedures Requiring General Anesthesia during COVID-19 Pandemic” who have not received a PCR test in last 72-hours
  • Lucira Point-of-Care test is used for any patient being admitted to hospital, birthing units, or from EHS, for whom having a rapid COVID-19 test result will facilitate more expedient offload from EHS, admission to an appropriate area of the hospital, or quicker transfer to a designated COVID-19 facility. Lucira is also used to test HCW to expedite return to work in testing centres. See memos and algorithm below.
  • Decision and Management Protocol for Surgical Procedures Requiring General Anesthesia during COVID-19 Pandemic

Positive POC Test

For a positive POCT test result:

  • Follow Care Directive - Testing for COVID-19
  • Inform patient of positive POCT result.
  • Document results on COVID-19 Risk Assessment: All NSHA Patients
  • Collect a STAT/Urgent NP swab for PCR COVID test. 
  • Complete the appropriate specimen requisition form: Lab Requisition-Acute Care, ERs & Ambulatory [specific zone]. Located on the hub under “Inpatient” Documentation and Forms.
  • Be sure to complete the requisition in full and include the following information:
    • Ordering physician
    • Patient contact information
    • It is a positive POCT
    • Indicate the test used (e.g. Lucira vs Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (Ag-RDT)).

The laboratory can then prioritize the testing appropriately based on local protocols and supply. If a patient is discharged prior to receiving results, the following information can be provided: