Education for COVID-19 Testing

This guide contains the mandatory education and other resources required for Regulated Health Care Providers and Unlicensed Health Care Providers to implement COVID-19 swab collection.

Report and Support

Patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 (PCR test or rapid test), are strongly encouraged to complete the COVID-19 Report and Support Screening form. If patients are eligible for PCR testing, they can complete the form as soon as they book their PCR appointment, in case they test positive.  Both RHCP and UHCP can assist patients who present for testing in completing this important form.

Why is Nova Scotia Health collecting this information?

This information will help Public Health and the health system: 

  • Assess and manage cases where a person may be at greater risk of serious illness. 
  • Identify as early as possible, people who are eligible for and may benefit from COVID-19 therapeutics (medication) to reduce the risk of hospitalization.

I haven’t tested positive (PCR) yet. Why do you need my information now? 

For people who end up testing positive and need treatment or support, it’s important that we minimize the time it takes to access those supports. If your test result is negative, we will not use your information any further. It will be deleted.