Education for COVID-19 Testing - Unregulated Care Providers

This guide contains the mandatory education and other resources required to support use of unregulated care providers for COVID-19 specimen collection.

Education for COVID-19 Testing

In August 2020, Nova Scotia Health launched an initiative to add COVID-19 testing to the scope of employment for trained unregulated care providers (UCPs) in certain positions/practice areas. This will help to support current and future demands for COVID-19 testing and health human resources as we continue with our pandemic response in Nova Scotia. This practice is supported by policies, education/training, and support of local teams who are testing for COVID-19.

Nova Scotia Health is responsible to ensure UCPs receive adequate education, training and support to provide safe care. The UCP is accountable for completion of all mandatory education and for their individual actions or inaction in practice settings as per their scope of employment.

Definition of Unregulated Care Provider (UCP)

The practice of UCPs is not set out in or regulated by legislation. UCPs are accountable for their actions (which includes inactions) to their employer through a scope of employment, rather than a regulatory body (e.g. college, association). Individual UCPs are always accountable for their actions (which includes inaction) and the decisions they make within their scope of employment. Examples of UCPs include Continuing Care Assistants, Continuing Therapeutic Assistant, Emergency Support Aides and Medical Laboratory Assistants.

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