Print Codes - Patient Education Pamphlets

Check your classification or service area for titles and print codes, and click the linked title to open up the PDF to check the content. Complete the print shop form to order pamphlets.

Ordering Pamphlets

Check the classifications below or on the left side bar for titles and order numbers in your area. Each pamphlet is listed by title (link opens PDF for viewing online), with the print code under the title, followed by the pamphlet owner and the date of creation or last revision. 

Complete and submit the print shop requisition form to order pamphlets (download form). If you wish to get a quote before submitting your print order, please contact

Contact with any other pamphlet-related questions.

How to Search this Print Code Index

All of our active pamphlet titles are listed in this print code index, ordered first by category/service area, then by the unique 4 digit pamphlet code. If you want more details than just the title, print code, owner and date of last revision, please try searching the Library catalogue, in the search box below. 

To search this index page, you can either choose your category on the left menu, or if you know a keyword from your pamphlet title or the 4 digit pamphlet code, press ctrl+F to open a search box in your browser window. Enter the keyword or 4 digit code, and the search will find on this index page any matches for your search. You can then check the date of last revision, or click the title link to open the online version to review the current content. 

If you want to link to the official pamphlet PDF on your department or service web page, you're welcome to - but please use our PDF link instead of downloading a copy of the PDF and uploading it again to your site; this ensures that your links will always lead to the current version of the pamphlet. 

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Contact with any questions. 

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