Patient Education Pamphlets – Print Codes

Check your program or service area for titles and print codes, and click the linked title to open up the PDF to check the content. Complete and submit the print shop form (see "Ordering Pamphlets" linked under the Home tab) to order pamphlets.

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How to Use the Print Code Index

To browse the Print Code Index, select a topic/service area from the blue boxes on the left side of this page. Titles are organized by topic, then unique 4 digit print code. 

If you have a printed copy of a pamphlet, you'll find the print code on the back cover, in the lower left corner, with two letters and six numbers: XX85-####. The four digit number at the end of the print code is unique to that pamphlet title.

Ordering Pamphlets

To order copies of any NSHA pamphlet, complete and submit the Dal Print Shop Ordering Form (requisition form).

You will need to provide the unique alpha-numeric print code (XX85-####) and your cost center. 

If you wish to get a quote before submitting your print order, please email The Print Shop can ship print copies anywhere in Nova Scotia. Please note, there may be a shipping fee depending on your location.

Please keep in mind, content is frequently updated and therefore it is not recommended to order copies in large quantities.

Creating a Pamphlet

Visit our Content Creator Toolkit to learn more about creating, updating, and sharing patient education materials.

The Patient Education Team is available to support NSHA staff & physicians across the province in creating evidence-based, patient-centered materials.

Questions? We're here to help! Email: