This resource guide has information on copyright, using images, and sharing articles.

What's the Best Way to Share Articles?

Some articles are available on the web for free, while others are made available to Nova Scotia Health staff through subscriptions managed by the Library. 

Regardless of how an article is published or where it is found, it is not appropriate to attach a full-text publication to an email and forward to others without express permission from the copyright holder.

If you find an article that you'd like to share with your colleague(s) or coworker(s), the best practice is to provide a URL (website link) to the article or forward an email to others through the database the article was found in.

If you are starting a journal club you may want to consider asking the library for assistance and checking out this article:

Deenadayalan, Y., Grimmer‐Somers, K., Prior, M., & Kumar, S. (2008). How to run an effective journal club: A systematic review. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 14(5), 898-911. 

Copy & Paste URLs to Share

Highlight the URL in the address bar in the top of your browser. Once highlighted, press and hold the Ctrl / command key and the C key together to copy the text.


 To paste the address, press and hold the Ctrl / command key and the V key together.


Access Icons What This Means Share Link(s)

Clearly labeled as free or open access


 Full-text available from anywhere


Clearly labeled with library logo


Subscription paid and access provided by library







Full-text access available by purchase through the publisher OR no online access


Request article through Library Services (interlibrary loan)

Contact the library at or complete the Request to Borrow Books, Articles & More form.

What is a PMID? What is a PMCID?

PMID stands for PubMed identifier or PubMed unique identifier. It is a unique number given to each entry in PubMed.

PMIDs are assigned to:

  • letters to the editor
  • editorial opinions
  • op-ed columns
  • peer-reviewed papers

PMCID (PubMed Central Identifier) indicates that an article has been published in PubMed Central and is free to access.


You can search PubMed for an individual article with a PMID or PMCID. When searching with a PMID you will only need to use the number. When searching with a PMCID, you will need to include the prefix "PMCID" before the number.

Create Links with PMIDs

Pasting the PMID (e.g. 24406254) after the below URL will allow a colleague or coworker access to the PubMed entry for a given article:

Full-text access to articles in PubMed varies. If the article is not free and has been purchased through a Library subscription, create internal/external links to share access.

E-mail URLs from PubMed

Once you have found an article that you would like to share, click on the Send to: drop-down menu.


 Choose E-mail as your destination and select the format that you would like to send, then click on the E-mail button.

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