This resource guide has information on copyright, using images, and sharing articles.

Using Images & Understanding Permissions

Images found in select resources through the Library may be used for research and/or educational purposes, provided permission is obtained from the copyright holder and credit is given as per copyright holder instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the use of images from any Library resource (books, ebooks, journals, databases, etc.), please contact the Library for guidance or the publisher of the material in question for permission/instruction.

Resources for General Images

Creative Commons & Creative Commons Search

What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that facilitates sharing and use of content.

The organization has created licenses that standardize and convey how content can be used. Conditions of use are determined by the creator.
If you want to use content governed by a Creative Commons license you must follow the conditions set by the creator.

Resources for Medical Images

Icons & Symbols

Image Editing Software - Freeware

The following programs are free to download from the manufacturer's website.

Image Editing Software - Paid

The following programs are available by paid subscription or by purchase of license only.