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Library Services' Subject Guide Collection creates clear pathways to information, reduces duplication of effort and user confusion, and standardizes evidence-based knowledge sharing within Nova Scotia Health and with external strategic partners (e.g. universities/colleges, community health care professionals, government, nursing homes) and patients by consolidating and curating resources for a specific audience within a defined health care topic.


  • Operational/Administrative training is not included in the Subject Guide Collection. Training for local operational or business productivity processes and software (e.g. SAP, Time Capture, Teams) is hosted through internal systems (e.g. Learning Management System, Intranet) supported by IM/IT Services.
  • General patient information regarding services and locations is hosted through the Nova Scotia Health public website.
  • General administrative information (e.g. departmental strategic directions and priorities) may be hosted by the Nova Scotia Health corporate website. 

You might be ready for a subject guide if you have

  • Related content in development (LMS module, patient pamphlet, policy, etc.)
  • A number of non-confidential original content pieces (handouts, videos, etc.) across a variety of formats
  • A collection of external resources supporting education on a specific topic

A subject guide might not be the right fit if

  • The resources you need to share are confidential and for employees only
  • You have not started to create or adapt existing content to support your need
  • Your information and resources are very general or directional in nature

Creation Process & Supports

Creation Process

Subject guide creation process overview

Library Services will support you throughout the process of creating a subject guide by:

  • Helping you organize and establish your guide type, name, status (public or private), and base URL (e.g.
  • Adding your resources and content in an agreed-upon structure
  • Giving you a preview URL, to preview a live demo of your subject guide
  • Finalizing your shareable, friendly URL and indexing it on the Library Services website
  • Supporting you with promotion and ongoing maintenance of your guide

Click on the image to the right for an overview of the subject guide creation process.

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