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Creating an eLearning course for LMS

5 easy steps for creating content for the LMS

The LMS course development process is divided into 2 phases: 

Phase 1: Development 

  • Build or update your eLearning course

Phase 2: Production

  • Prepare your course for upload

This process is outlined in the handout to the right. 

LMS Resources

Everything you need to get started to update or create an eLearning course for the LMS can be found on the LMS Intranet page, found on the Nova Scotia Health staff Intranet. See the blue "Creating for LMS" box on the right hand side of the page. 


When creating a new course OR updating an existing course, please use the Nova Scotia Health eLearning course template. Templates can be found on the Creating Courses for LMS page, under Templates, below Standards and Guidelines.  

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Types of LMS Courses

  1. eLearning Course
    • A self-guided course hosted and completed online within LMS 
    • Can be created/authored by Nova Scotia Health staff or by a third-party vendor 
  2. Classroom Course 
    • A ‘live’ course scheduled on a specific date and time
    • Delivered by an instructor in person or online using an application like Microsoft Teams
    • Users must pre-register


The method used to create an eLearning course for the Nova Scotia Health Learning Management System (LMS) varies based on the resources, software, and time available. 

If you do not have access to Articulate, you may use PowerPoint to create your course. When a PowerPoint file (.ppt) is added to the LMS, it is converted to a PDF. This is not the most engaging way of presenting online content. To avoid this, it is recommended that you:

  • record and save your presentation as a video, using voiceover and adding PowerPoint animations, much like a webinar recording. 
    • The video must be in .mp4 format
    • The video should not exceed 1GB in total per course (LMS Admins can help reduce file size)
    • The file should be saved as, "NameofCourse.mp4"
    • For enhanced accessibility, it is strongly recommended to include a transcript of all spoken words (voiceover) not appearing on screen.
  • request the addition of an "LMS Exam" to complement your course upon request. You can do this by submitting a IT ticket to create a new LMS course, and under "Type of Learning Item", selecting "Course Exam". 

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