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Questions from Prescribers on Acute Pain


In 2020, the Nova Scotia Health Drug Evaluation Unit (DEU) and the Dalhousie Academic Detailing Service (ADS) collaborated to create the academic detailing topic, Acute Pain: Musculoskeletal, Low Back and Post-Surgical. Academic detailing on this topic provided primary care providers with tools to help manage patients presenting with several acute pain conditions. This topic was developed in part to support the Nova Scotia Opioid Use and Overdose Framework.

A number of questions that arose during the detailing sessions were forwarded to the Drug Evaluation Unit for additional research. The evidence-informed responses from 2020-2021 have been updated and shared in the collection, Questions from Prescribers on Acute Pain.  

The Questions from Prescribers on Acute Pain collection is supported by the Drug Evaluation Alliance of Nova Scotia (DEANS)


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