Mental Health and Addictions Education in the Emergency Department

Evidence-based guidance for including Trauma-Informed Care principles in practice and reducing stigma in health care.


Welcome to Mental Health and Addictions Education in the Emergency Department (ED). This program has been designed to support the learning needs of health care staff working in the ED. This program is to help support your growth and learning in caring for individuals who present to ED with psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders, including psychological distress and/or crisis. 

Program goals

The overall goal of this project is to increase ED staff confidence and competencies to address substance use and mental health concerns with patients and their families.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Support ED staff culture and practices, to reduce barriers to access, care, and recovery for persons with lived and living experience of mental health problems, illnesses, and/or substance use caused by stigma.
  2. Enhance ED staff knowledge, to understand substance use, concurrent disorders, and resources to support the Client.
  3. Build ED staff competencies related to substance use and concurrent disorders, focusing on interventions, delivered in collaboration with Client, that emphasize safety, choice, and personal control with the aim of minimizing harm and re-traumatization.

How to complete the modules

To complete the education, move through each module listed on this page, beginning with the foundational modules (1-4). Following this, the modules can be completed in your preferred order. Read all of the sections under the headings and ensure that you have completed all of the activities.

The following modules are currently available:

# Module Title Release Date Applicable to


Reducing Stigma June 2023 Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff
2 Communication June 2023 Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff
3 Trauma-Informed Care Principles June 2023 Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff
4 Self Care June 2023 Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff
5 Accessing Mental Health and Substance Use Resources July 2023 Clinical Staff
6 Mental Status Exams November 2023 Clinical Staff
7 Substance Use Disorders January 2023 Clinical Staff

Confirmation of Completion