Comprehensive information about staying well, prevention and living a healthy life with chronic conditions

Primary Health Care

The primary health care system includes family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physiotherapists, social workers, and additional health professionals in the community, who work together to support your overall health and well-being.

Nova Scotia Health supports collaborative family practice teams, wellness teams, and chronic disease prevention and management teams to assist individuals and families with being healthy and well throughout their lives.

Visit Primary Health Care’s website for information on programs and services:

We offer free online wellness programs using Zoom for Health Care. Find class details and register for a session at the following website:

iPad Borrowing Program

Do you want to register for any of Nova Scotia Health’s free online wellness programs but don’t have a computer to do so?

Nova Scotia Health’s iPad borrowing program helps patients access online health and wellness services, and attend free online wellness programs using Zoom for Health Care. Click on the tabs below to find out how to access and use this borrowing program.

Intended Purpose of the iPads

The iPads CAN be used for… The iPads CANNOT be used for…
  • Attending virtual healthcare appointments
  • Participating in virtual Wellness Programs (see for more information)
  • Participating in virtual Chronic Disease Management Programs
  • Accessing virtual Mental Health & Addictions Supports
  • Connecting with peer groups, support groups, friends or family using Zoom
  • Accessing health information
  • Streaming services such as Netflix
  • Accessing social media such as Instagram or Facebook
  • Online shopping or banking
  • Accessing email accounts                                           


What can patients/clients access using the iPad?

- Zoom for Health Care

- Websites under the “favourite” section of the “Safari” web browser (health and wellness websites)

- Certain links present on the “favourited” websites

- YouTube (coming soon)

o Please note that internet access on the iPad has been restricted. Only permitted websites are unlocked. Permitted websites are gradually being added and unlocked. Please bear with us while we work on this.

What precautions are we taking to protect patients'/clients' confidentiality?

- Regular iOS updates are completed to keep the iPads updated.

- iPads are digitally wiped and reactivated between users.

- Internet access is restricted to limit the number of sites that someone can access and input sensitive information (i.e. banking, online shopping, paid streaming platforms, etc.).

How Can Patients/Clients Get Access to an iPad?

Talk to your Primary Health Care Team or contact us at:

Availability of iPads may vary.

Patient Handouts

Refer to this handout for an introduction to using an iPad, and information on joining a Zoom session/appointment.