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Mental Wellness


Mental wellness is about feeling balanced, connected to others and ready to meet life’s challenges. Mental wellness and physical wellness are closely connected – healthy behaviors like getting enough sleep, being physically active and healthy eating all help contribute to overall mental wellness. Feeling mentally well can help you stay motivated to continue with your healthy behaviors.

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Create opportunities for connection


​​Connect with friends, family, and community members, and spend time with pets. Connecting with people we feel safe with is important for our mental wellness. Human beings are social creatures and we need connection and community to thrive.

There are many ways of staying connected, such as online, in-person and phone calls. With creativity we can come up with a lot of ways to stay connected with the people in our lives and in our communities. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Share a meal with friends and family. 
  • Host a game night in-person or online
  • Host a book club in-person or online
  • Join an activity group such as a choir or hiking group in your community
  • If you have a spiritual or faith-based practice, reach out to your local church, synagogue, mosque, and community centre.

Focus on what’s in your control

Time management can be a useful tool to help keep a regular routine. Time management may help us: 

  • Complete more tasks, leading to a sense of accomplishment
  • Experience less stress or feel less overwhelmed by taking control of our schedules and participating in activities that are meaningful to us
  • Be more able to participate in activities to take care of ourselves and that give us satisfaction by planning for them and putting them in our schedules

Limiting news and social media can be helpful for some people

Sometimes watching and reading too much news and social media can affect our mental wellness. For some people it can be helpful to limit news and social media consumption to the essentials – like by choosing one or two media sources that you trust.

The time of day you choose to watch/read news can also be important. For example, some people find watching/reading news or social media close to bedtime leads to less restful sleep. It may be helpful to spend less time with news and social media, and/or choose a time earlier in the day for these activities.

Practice or learn behaviours that promote mental wellness

Practices such as physical activity, deep breathing, relaxation and grounding activities, like progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness, can help promote mental wellness, especially during stressful times. Physical activity is one of the best ways to support your mental wellness. Exercise releases endorphins, known as “feel good” hormones, which can help you manage stress and clear your mind. Here are some great resources:

Practice helpful sleep habits and have a regular bedtime

Here are some tips for healthy sleep:

Be kind to yourself and others

Practice gratitude and self-compassion:

Connect with help and supports when you need them

Nova Scotia Health Mental Health and Addictions Program resources:

Find more resources to support mental wellness (e.g. self confidence, stress, time management, sleep)  selected and reviewed by healthcare professionals with Primary Health Care's Community Health Teams here.