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Information on Bone and Joint Health


Maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints (your musculoskeletal system) is vital to your overall well-being. A healthy musculoskeletal system allows you to perform your activities of daily living, maintain your independence and quality of life as you age. The good news is there are many things you can do to achieve healthy bones, muscles and joints.

Stay Active

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Manage your pain

It is important to manage your pain as best as you can. Taking breaks between activities, getting a full night’s sleep and using your prescribed medications are all important. It is also important to be mindful of your posture and how long you spend sitting. Poor posture puts extra strain and pressure on the muscles and joints in your neck, shoulders and back which increases pain. If watching TV or using your smartphone, remember to keep an upright posture, avoiding slouching and take regular movement breaks to stand up and stretch. For more information on managing pain:

Eat well

Be mindful of what you eat. Take time to plan healthy meals, recipes and snacks that you can make yourself.

Managing your weight is also important. Losing as little as one pound of excess body weight may lower the load on some joints by as much as four pounds! Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids (fish, kidney beans, leafy greens), Vitamin D (mushrooms, orange juice, eggs) and Calcium (kale, broccoli, yogurt) will help keep your bones and joints healthy. For more information on healthy eating:

Stay connected

Social distancing really means physical distancing, so stay connected with your family, friends and neighbors through phone calls, emails, text messaging and video calls. Feeling supported and connected can help to lower pain and feelings of depression and anxiety. It also helps to improve your quality of life and the amount of things you can do for yourself.

Online resources including those on the Arthritis Society website can also help you feel supported & healthy at home.

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