Patient Education Pamphlets created, updated, or archived in June 2024

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Writing in plain language matters. In Canada, it’s reported that nine million people have limited literacy skills, with over half of Canadians reading below a high school level. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to offer additional support to patients and families with easy-to-read, straightforward patient pamphlets. For more information about creating or updating patient pamphlets, please visit the Content Creator Toolkit. Please contact Pamphlets@nshealth.ca with any questions. You can search for pamphlets by title, keyword, or four-digit pamphlet number in the pamphlets catalogue, or view the complete listing of active titles in our Print Code Index.

The following pamphlets were updated or created in June 2024. 

Arabic Translations
AR85-2414 NEW HIV Clinic - Victoria General Site, QE II [Arabic] (English: WC85-0430, Ukrainian: UK85-2411)

French Translations (en français)
FF85-1913 Cathétérisme cardiaque droit - Halifax Infirmary (English: WG85-0392)
                   Previous title: Cathétérisme cardiaque droit
FF85-1944 Vivre avec un stimulateur cardiaque (pacemaker) (English: WG85-0019)

Hindi Translations
HI85-2415 NEW Hospital Fees for Out-of-Country Visitors [Hindi] (English: WX85-2393, En français: FF85-2394, Arabic: AR85-2395, Simplified Chinese: CH85-2396, Ukrainian: UK85-2397, Russian: RU85-2398, Spanish: SP85-2399, German: GE85-2400)

WQ85-0538 Managing Your Fluid Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
                     Previous title: Managing Your Fluid Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease

Nervous System
WL85-2174 Perseveration after an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Nutrition & Food
LC85-0628 Nutrition Guidelines for Hemodialysis

The following pamphlets were archived in June 2024:
FF85-1882 Comment parler aux enfants de la sexualité et de l’importance de faire des choix sains (English: WA85-1868)
WX85-1614 Preventing and Treating Travellers' Diarrhea
WC85-1618 Rabies

If a pamphlet that has been archived is still needed, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you to make it available again.

Kendell Fitzgerald

Librarian Educator
Central Zone

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