Patient Education Pamphlets created, updated, or archived in June 2023

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Writing in plain language matters. In Canada, it’s reported that nine million people have limited literacy skills, with over half of Canadians reading below a high school level. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to offer additional support to patients and families with easy-to-read, straightforward patient pamphlets. For more information about creating or updating patient pamphlets, please visit the Content Creator Toolkit. Please contact Pamphlets@nshealth.ca with any questions. You can search for pamphlets by title, keyword, or four-digit pamphlet number in the pamphlets catalogue, or view the complete listing of active titles in our Print Code Index.

The following pamphlets were updated or created in June 2023. 

Emergency & Public Health 
WA85-0121 Care After Sedation (En français: FF85-1679)
WA85-2337 NEW Booking an Appointment at Your Collaborative Family Practice - Colchester, Cumberland, Pictou County, and East Hants

French Translations (en français)
FF85-2338 NEW Dépistage du diabète pendant la grossesse (English: WP85-2299)
FF85-2339 NEW Dépistage du diabète après la grossesse (English: WP85-2300)
FF85-2340 NEW J’ai le diabète. Puis-je avoir un bébé en santé? Information sur la grossesse pour les personnes atteintes de diabète de type 1 ou de type 2 (English: WP85-2301)

WT85-2036 Seniors Community Health Team

WX85-1212 Writing to Your Donor's Family (En français: FF85-1790)
WX85-1213 Writing to Transplant Recipients and Their Families

Laboratory Pathology
QY85-1971 Stool Collection for Ova and Parasites - South Shore Regional Hospital
QY85-1972 Stool Collection for H. pylori - South Shore Regional Hospital
QY85-1973 How to Collect a Pinworm Sample - South Shore Regional Hospital
QY85-1979 Mid-stream Urine Collection - South Shore Regional Hospital

Nervous System
WL85-2022 Alcohol and Drug Use After an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Nutrition & Food
LC85-2044 Nutrition Education and Counselling - Annapolis Valley, South Shore, and South West Nova Scotia

WW85-0576 Eyelid Surgery (En français: FF85-2101)
WW85-0176 Repair of a Blocked Tear Duct (En français: FF85-2097)
WW85-0022 Ophthalmic Imaging
WW85-0135 Cataract Surgery (En français: FF85-2062)
WW85-0282 Botox® Injection (En français: FF85-1783)
WW85-0142 Hyphema
WW85-0032 Indocyanine Green Chorioangiography (ICG) Test
WW85-1172 Orbital Tumour Surgery
WW85-1173 Orbital Decompression Surgery
WW85-1761 Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) (En français: FF85-2162)

Oral Health
WU85-0646 After Dental Extractions or Wisdom Teeth Removal (En français: FF85-1786)

WV85-2018 After Ear Surgery - Valley Regional Hospital
WV85-1538 Endoscopic Repair of a Blocked Tear Duct
WV85-2341 NEW After Throat Surgery - Valley Regional Hospital

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
WB85-1438 Physiotherapy Services in Nova Scotia (En français: FF85-2105)
WB85-2054 Independent Living Simulation Suites - Nova Scotia Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre

Respiratory System
WF85-1694 How to Use Your Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI) (En français: FF85-1804)
WF85-1302 How to Use Your Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI) With a Spacer Device (En français: FF85-1374)

WO85-1602 Having a Spinal Anesthetic Before Your Surgery - Halifax Infirmary, Victoria General Hospital, Dartmouth General Hospital, Hants Community Hospital

The following pamphlets were archived in June 2023.
WM85-2138 Home-based Withdrawal Management Pilot
WM85-2139 Home-based Withdrawal Management Pilot for Support Persons

If an archived pamphlet is needed, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you to make it available again.

Kendell Fitzgerald

Librarian Educator
Central Zone


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