Pandemic Immunizer Education

Education resource designed to support health care providers who will be supporting Community Immunization Clinics in Nova Scotia, providing COVID-19 vaccinations to residents.

A comprehensive COVID-19 immunization response involving close coordination across all governments, with First Nations and public health officials is currently underway in Nova Scotia. This strategy will facilitate the safe, secure, and rapid distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. We have achieved our goal of delivering two doses of vaccine to at least 75% of our population by Fall 2021. Our focus now shifts to booster administration and vaccination for 5-11 year olds. Every Nova Scotian who wants the COVID-19 vaccine will receive it for free.

Widespread immunization is the best option to protect individuals and communities from COVID-19, and as time progresses, to lift the restrictions placed on our society to keep people safe and healthy. Public health measures will continue to be essential to minimize the spread of COVID-19 until extensive immunization is achieved.

The goal of Canada's COVID-19 immunization response is to enable as many Canadians as possible to be immunized as quickly as possible against COVID-19, while ensuring that high risk populations are prioritized. 

The Government of Canada has secured enough vaccines to provide all Canadians with access to vaccinations, through advance purchasing agreements. Immunization in Nova Scotia began with the arrival of limited doses in December, which are being prioritized to high-risk populations, such as front-line health care workers, the elderly, residents and staff of congregate living arrangements such as long-term care facilities, and those in living or working conditions with elevated risk for infection or disproportionate consequences, including Indigenous communities.

Nova Scotia's Immunization Plan

Nova Scotia’s Immunization Plan involves three phases, which identify when different population groups are eligible to receive the vaccine. The plan is flexible to allow for increases or decreases in vaccine supply.


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