Pandemic Immunizer Education

Education resource designed to support health care providers who will be supporting Community Immunization Clinics in Nova Scotia, providing COVID-19 vaccinations to residents.

Immunization and Anaphylaxis

A care directive is an employer policy developed in consultation with authorized prescriber(s). A care directive is typically used to facilitate the implementation of care for a range of clients with identified health conditions or needs when specific circumstances exist. A care directive replaces the need for a direct order from an authorized prescriber for a procedure, medication etc., and is typically used to promote safe, timely, effective and efficient client care, and to optimize the practice of all care providers.

The administration of publicly-funded vaccines, including those for COVID-19, are currently covered under a care directive authorized by Public Health and Primary Health Care. A separate care directive supports health care providers to administer epinephrine in the event of anaphylaxis. Finally, there is an over-arching policy that outlines competency requirements, procedure, etc. for all vaccines (including those administered with a direct order from an authorized prescriber).