SAFER-f Patient Flow Medicine Bundle

Putting it all Together

The SAFER-f Bundle within inpatient care addresses:

  • Communication processes and approaches between staff and with patients
  • The need for visual aids to illustrate daily patient progress and scheduled time for patient updates
  • Matching staff availability with patient needs 24/7
  • Addressing patient/essential care partners' perceptions and setting expectations
  • Adopting the ‘Home First’ philosophy and messaging across all hospital departments
  • Clear roles and responsibilities of the health care team that include patients/essential care partners (ECPs)/delegates roles and responsibilities
  • Autonomy of non-MRHCP unit staff to make bed placement decisions
  • Simple metrics to measure outcomes and build momentum for sustainability


NHS Improvement. (2018). Safer Patient Flow Guidance. Welsh Government.


  • REDUCED variation of processes
  • IMPROVED patient health outcomes
  • INCREASED staff satisfaction and ability to care within scope of practice
  • ALIGNMENT with the ebb and flow of inpatient units and integration into the routine of daily inpatient unit activity

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