SAFER-f Patient Flow Medicine Bundle

About Senior Review

Recommended Processes

MRPs will:

  • Complete an initial assessment for newly admitted patients within first 24 hours.
  • Include inter-disciplinary team members.
  • Include frailty, mobility and delirium assessment tools.
  • Ensure assessment findings are understood, documented and accessible to all unit team members.

Tips for Patient Rounds

Rounds are crucial to decision-making and care coordination.

  • Should add value, leading to clear actions, written up in notes and acted upon
  • Should be undertaken daily, in the early morning, to enable teams rapidly to assess the progress of every patient in every bed
  • Patients and their Essential Care Partners should be informed of progress, and any delays to treatment or discharge be addressed
  • Use checklists to reduce variation and prevent actions being omitted
  • Always include a qualified nurse, other members of the IDT, including therapists and community staff, and involve the patient and / or their family from the outset
  • Use a ‘dedicated member of staff’ to lead on the management of ward patients
  • Let specialty colleagues focus on elective and other activities
  • Complete most tasks (e.g. writing take-home medications (TTOs) or ordering tests) while in rounds, if possible, to avoid overloading junior staff, batching tasks and creating delays
  • A second afternoon board round is best practice to review progress
  • Consider use of the SHOP method to facilitate order of patient rounding