Skin and Wound Care

Program & Purpose

The Provincial Wound Prevention and Management Program is a collaborative effort with leaders across Nova Scotia to standardize the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based best practices in wound prevention and management across all of Nova Scotia, regardless of health sector or geographical region.

Currently in Canada 3.9 billion dollars is spent annually on wound care.1 For patients, wounds can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating. Wounds can undermine function, mobility and quality of life. Many wounds are avoidable with the provision of better health care services and a greater focus on prevention.2

Health care providers working in many sectors are likely to provide care to a patient with a wound, or a patient who is at risk of developing a wound. Interprofessional Practice & Learning (IPP&L) has developed a Wound Prevention & Management Program to support health care providers to:

  • Develop knowledge and competencies in wound prevention and management
  • Deliver standardized wound care

The program encompasses evidence-informed standards, policies, guidelines, documentation tools, practice support tools, and educational opportunities.


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2. Canadian Institute for Health Information. Compromised Wounds in Canada. 2013.