Med-Surg Orientation Program – Central Zone


Welcome to the resource guide for the Medical-Surgical Nursing Orientation Program for Central Zone! This is an evidence-based and learner-centred program. We support newly hired nurses on medical-surgical units in Central Zone with acquiring and applying knowledge and skills.

The program is divided into 5 modules.

Each module includes self-directed learning and active in-person classroom sessions.

Program Objectives

The program objectives are to:

  • Prepare new nurses to practise safe and effective care
  • Support new nurses’ understanding of how Nova Scotia Health’s policies, programs, processes and protocols apply to their role and to the medical-surgical practice setting
  • Help new nurses develop and attain beginning competency in required knowledge, skills and attitudes

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Orientation Program is intended as an adjunct. It is not a replacement for unit-specific orientation and transition to practice plans.

New Nurses

If you are a new nurse, we are so glad that you joined our care teams! We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming orientation session.

This guide contains links to required and optional resources to support your learning prior to attending an in-person session. Please refer to your registration email for details about the sessions that you will be attending and then look here to find your pre-work.

If you have questions about your unit-based orientation or transition to practice, please contact your Health Services Manager (HSM) and Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE).

If you have questions about the Medical-Surgical Nursing Orientation Program, please contact the Practice Education Program Educator.

Clinical Leaders

If you are a clinical leader (HSM, CNE, Resource Nurse, etc.), thank you for supporting new nurses in your care areas.

Attending the Medical-Surgical Nursing Orientation Program will support new nurses in developing competence and confidence in providing excellent care for patients in our facilities.