Cancer Care Program - Staff and Physicians

Smoking and Cancer

 Smoking & Cancer - Healthcare Provider

Nova Scotia Health Authority, 2016.

Learning Management System (LMS) Courses

Cancer Care Mod 01 Rationale for Tobacco Cessation 

  • Overview of the evidence and rationale for including tobacco cessation supports in cancer patient care.
  • Appropriate for any health care provider working with cancer patients.

Cancer Care Mod 02 Best Practice and Referral Processes

  • Overview of current evidence-based best practice for tobacco cessation in cancer care.
  • Outlines patient referral processes to cessation programs and services in Nova Scotia.

Cancer Care Mod 03 Tobacco Cessation Pharmacotherapies

  • Describes the types of pharmacotherapies available to support tobacco cessation.
  • Focuses on considerations when prescribing Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and/or pharmacotherapies to cancer patients.

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