Cancer Care Program - Staff and Physicians

The Nova Scotia Health Cancer Care Program has dedicated resources to support the development and maintenance of cancer-specific education materials for patients, caregivers and families. To ensure cancer patients and their families have the most current, useful resources based on best practice in Nova Scotia, the Cancer Care Program Education Team works with:

  • Nova Scotia Health Library Services
  • Clinical stakeholders
  • Patient advisory groups
  • Subject matter experts

Patient Education Materials

The Cancer Care program has a library of patient education pamphlets that health care professionals can refer patients to. Nova Scotia Health cancer care clinicians can order print copies of any Nova Scotia Health patient education pamphlet.

Nova Scotia Health staff and providers looking to create a new patient education pamphlet can contact the Cancer Care Program Patient Education Team:

 Visit our education dashboard to view upcoming and recently created cancer patient resources:

Patients can also access videos on a variety of cancer-related topics on our patient education showcase page.

Teach-back Method

Research has shown that many patients remember less than 50% of what their health professional told them about their condition or how to manage at home. The teach-back method helps patients understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. It is an effective way to:

  • ensure that patients understand what you have told them.
  • increase patient adherence to recommended treatment.
  • improve patient outcomes.