Professional Practice Orientation Resources

Evidence-based guidance and resources for regulated health care professionals who are newly hired to Nova Scotia Health

Important Information

The following resources are intended for use by health care professionals working at Nova Scotia Health. Prior to using any of these skills, please check with your Clinical Nurse Educator, preceptor, or another clinical resource person in your area to ensure that you follow the specific processes and protocols in your practice setting.

There are additional learning modules and resources available to you as you transition into practice. These include:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) modules
  • Policies on the OP3 site
  • Resources and education within your zone and practice setting

Talk with your manager and Clinical Nurse Educator about the learning modules and resources that apply to your role and practice setting.

Educational Resources

NOTE In Nasogastric (NG) Tube for Decompression, Drains and Feeding [Video]: Enteral Feeding products are in the process of being changed to the *NEW* ENFit Connections. These are product-specific 'twist-on' connections, purple in colour to reduce the risk of errors. This includes the connection points on:

  • Patient tubes (i.e. NG small bore feeding tubes, peg tubes, etc.)
  • Enteral feeding device tubing
  • Syringes

Oxygen Delivery Devices

Nova Scotia Health, 2021.


Respiratory Inhaler Review

Nova Scotia Health, 2020.

Safety Needles Review

Nova Scotia Health, 2020.

Mobile Apps and Resources

Library Services' Mobile Apps and Resources subject guide contains information about library-supported mobile apps available for download to your mobile device. These resources allow for quick inquiries about medication information, clinical conditions, etc. Examples of mobile apps include ClinicalKey® and Merative Micromedex®, which can both be found on Library Services' Databases A-Z list.

On the Mobile Apps and Resources subject guide, you will find information about:

  • How to select appropriate resources
  • How to sign in to specific mobile apps
  • Connectivity requirements for each app
  • How to update each app