Professional Practice Orientation Resources

Evidence-based guidance and resources for regulated health care professionals who are newly hired to Nova Scotia Health


At Nova Scotia Health, we value interprofessional collaboration. As a regulated health care professional, it helps to recognize and understand the impact of each health care team member's individual role, attitudes and values. This includes patients and family members.

There are a variety of strategies and tools to help you communicate and collaborate within a team. Follow up with your manager/team lead/practice educators on which documents are utilized in your practice setting or those available to support your individual practice.

The resources identified below are a starting point for your reference. These links are both internal and external to Nova Scotia Health. Content provided on this page is optional to review. Any policies or LMS courses required by your practice area will be identified by your leadership team (i.e. manager, team lead, educator).


Library Services subject guides


Getting Care Right! The Fundamentals of Care Framework

Dr. Mandy Archibald in collaboration with Drs. Rebecca Feo, Tiffany Conroy and Professor Alison Kitson, 2019.

Nova Scotia Health Learning Modules

These courses are available on the Nova Scotia Health Learning Management System (LMS):

  • CCNS Teach Back
  • Cultural Competence in Health Care
  • START with Heart - Service Excellence Workshop
  • Respond with HEART