Professional Practice Orientation Resources

Evidence-based guidance and resources for regulated health care professionals who are newly hired to Nova Scotia Health

Welcome to Nova Scotia Health

Welcome to Nova Scotia Health! Interprofessional Practice and Learning (IPPL) is committed to support you as you transition into your practice setting. In collaboration with others in the organization, IPPL will provide you with resources and tools to understand your professional role as a health care professional working at Nova Scotia Health.

We can achieve excellence in health, healing and learning through working together!

Accessing Resources

We recommend the following Internet browsers for optimal viewing of this site and accessing content provided by Nova Scotia Health Library Services: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

When accessing content provided by Library Services, if you are off-site or on a computer not connected to the Nova Scotia Health network, you may see the login screen: "Access From Anywhere - Library Resources". To log in, use the same username and password you use to log in to your Nova Scotia Health email account. For more information, including a screenshot of the login screen, check out Library Services' Access from Anywhere tip sheet.

Policy Searching

OP3: One Province, One Process, One Policy is the home of all policies for Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health. 

OP3 can be accessed through:

  • Desktop icon: This icon is located on all desktops connected to the Nova Scotia Health network 
  • Outside of network: (e.g. from home)
    • From the bottom of the Nova Scotia Health public website at, select Policies. On the next page, select "Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) policy page (external site)".

Which policy do I follow?

Once a Nova Scotia Health policy is effective, it is the applicable policy for all services, programs, and facilities. Until a designated provincial Nova Scotia Health policy is developed, policies from former district health authorities (DHAs) still apply. These DHA policies only apply to staff working in that health authority. Select the appropriate policy site for your location.

Recommended search steps: 

Begin your search for a policy on the Nova Scotia Health Policy site. Following this search, even if you locate a provincial policy, search the Policy Site of the Zone/geographical location applicable to your practice area.

TIP It is recommended to begin with searching the Nova Scotia Health Policy page.

To switch policy sites, select OP3 Site at the top left of the page. This will bring you back to the OP3 website, where you can select a different policy site (see image).

If you require additional support navigating the OP3 Website, select How to in the top right, or go to How to use this website.

Staying up to date

It is your responsibility, as a Nova Scotia Health staff member, to uphold best practice and follow the organization's policies and procedures.

Staff may be informed of new policies or updates to current documents in a variety of ways. They can sometimes be found in email correspondence, such as Nova Scotia Health News. On the OP3 policy website, you can quickly scan for recently posted new and updated provincial policies under the Most Recently Published tab.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) provides Nova Scotia Health employees with online access to register for and complete two types of learning:

  • eLearning/online courses that are self-guided and completed online 
  • "Live" classroom courses, held virtually or in-person, delivered by an instructor

To visit the LMS page, go to

You can also locate this link at the bottom of the Nova Scotia Health Intranet website or by selecting the Web Applications Page button in the top right of the Nova Scotia Health Intranet Home page.

For additional support on how to log in and use LMS functions, go to:

For more information on LMS, visit Business Productivity Services: