Professional Practice Orientation Resources

Evidence-based guidance and resources for regulated health care professionals who are newly hired to Nova Scotia Health


As a regulated health care professional, you are responsible and accountable for your decisions and actions, including inaction, in your practice. 

It is important to your practice to understand:

  • The differences in your scope of practice at the individual, regulatory and employment levels.
  • What is expected of you in your practice setting. These can be identified in communication with your practice area manager.

The resources listed below are a starting point for your reference. These links are both internal and external to Nova Scotia Health. Content provided on this page is optional to review. Any policies or LMS courses required by your practice area will be identified by your leadership team (i.e. manager, team lead, educator).



Regulatory bodies' social media guidelines


Nursing Scope of Practice Guideline

Nursing Scope of Practice

Nova Scotia College of Nursing, 2022.


College of Occupational Therapists of Nova Scotia Scope of Practice

College of Paramedics of Nova Scotia Standards of Practice

Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists Standards of Practice

Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists Practice Standards

Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapist Standards of Practice

Nova Scotia College of Social Workers Standards of Practice 

Nova Scotia Dietetic Association Standards of Practice

Nova Scotia Therapeutic Recreation Association Standards of Practice

Nova Scotia Health Policies