My COVID Recovery

Information and resources to help Nova Scotians understand and manage their health after having COVID-19.

Getting Help for Ongoing Symptoms


If you tested positive or suspect you had COVID-19, Nova Scotia Health is here to support you.

Visit the Nova Scotia Health Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) website for information about what to expect after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

3 Month Post-COVID Symptoms Survey for Patients/Clients

Please fill out the following survey if you meet the following criteria:

  • You live in Nova Scotia and tested positive for COVID-19 at least 3 months ago OR
  • You now live in Nova Scotia and tested positive for COVID-19 outside of the province at least 3 months ago OR
  • You were NOT tested for COVID-19 however had a severe respiratory (breathing) illness between December 2019 and May 2020 and believe it is causing ongoing symptoms AND
  • You live in the community AND
  • You are 16 years of age or older.

We will use the information you share in the survey to help connect you to supports to manage your symptoms. All information you share will remain confidential according to Nova Scotia Health policies.

Please follow this link to read about these policies:

Take Survey


Be sure to tell your health care team you have COVID-19. Include as much information about your illness as you can, such as:

  • date your symptoms started
  • date of your positive test (if applicable)
  • whether you were hospitalized in Nova Scotia or out of province
  • your COVID-19 vaccine status

For More Support

For more support:

  • Talk with your primary health care provider about managing your symptoms. Visit a walk-in clinic if you do not have a primary health care provider.
  • Call 811 to talk with a registered nurse about your health care questions 24/7.
  • Complete the online My COVID Recovery Symptom Survey to see if you meet the criteria for a Post-COVID Navigation follow-up.
  • Visit for information on wellness programs and supports.
  • Talk with your community pharmacist.
  • Talk with a community dietitian.
  • Book an appointment with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. A referral from a health care provider may be required if you have private insurance coverage.
  • Call 211 to talk with a navigator or visit their website.
  • Visit Nova Scotia Connect to find programs and services in your community.
  • Visit Nova Scotia Health's Mental Health and Addictions website or call (toll-free): 1-855-922-1122

Specialty Programs

The Post-COVID Self-Management Program is a multidisciplinary program for people having ongoing symptoms after COVID-19, with symptoms that significantly impact their day to day activities and quality of life. This program includes an intake assessment, and an 8-week virtual education group, with the option for individual follow up care. This program is located at the Integrated Chronic Care Service (ICCS). Referral is required from your health care provider, 811 or the Post-COVID Navigator.

Complete the online My COVID Recovery Symptom Survey to see if you meet the criteria for a Post-COVID Navigation follow-up.

Other areas in Nova Scotia Health are also providing care to people with ongoing COVID-19 symptoms. Talk to your primary health care provider or call 811 to determine if you would benefit from care provided in another service area.

Support Groups

There are a number of support groups across Canada and the world, for people who are experiencing the long term effects of COVID-19. Note that many of these forums are not moderated by health care professionals, therefore it is important to be cautious about the information they share. You can find many of these support groups by searching online. The COVID Long-Haulers Canada support group is Canada’s largest online COVID-19 community.