My COVID Recovery

Information and resources to help Nova Scotians understand and manage their health after having COVID-19.

Symptom Tracker

A symptom-tracker is a tool that allows you to record and track your symptoms over time, as well as activities or things that make your symptoms worse or better. Over time, this information can be useful in helping you to better control your symptoms.

There are many symptom trackers available. You can track your symptoms in a journal, on a calendar, or even just on a blank piece of paper.

This symptom tracker uses a simple calendar to track your symptoms:

This symptom tracker has been developed specifically for symptoms after COVID-19: 

Mobile Apps

We are making a couple of suggestions about apps that you could use to help manage your health.

Nova Scotia Health is not responsible for the risks associated with these apps and we recommend that you review carefully before making your decision to use one. Nova Scotia Health is not responsible for how these apps use your personal health information either and you should do so at your own risk. Please read our full disclaimer below.